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About RC Roundtable

RC Roundtable is a podcast about all kinds of radio control vehicles...but mostly the kind that fly. Fitz, Lee, and Terry seem to get their hands into just about every corner of this hobby. We like it all! The truth is, we share a lot of common interests, but we each have our own specific favorites and specialties. That's probably why we have so much fun when we get together. Fitz and Lee live on opposite ends of Houston, Texas, while Terry is way up north in Buffalo, New York. We use the recording sessions to catch up with each other, get things off our chests, and throw around a few light-hearted insults. We start each episode with a short list of topics we plan to cover, but you never know where the conversation will go. We're happy that you've decided to listen in! Feel free to send us an email to tell us what you think and suggest topics for upcoming episodes.

Sure, we know that there are other RC-related podcasts out there. We're fans of most of them. We're not here to compete. We just want to play along!

Fitz Walker

Fitz is the most eclectic member of the RC Roundtable gang. He's a super airplane and helicopter pilot, but you're just as likely to see him driving an RC submarine or programming a robot. Fitz is also a licensed full-scale glider pilot. And don't be surprised if he throws out obscure sci-fi references from time to time. Just nod and smile...he'll think you know what he's talking about (we usually don't).

Fitz is the face and voice of the Hobby View YouTube channel, where he reviews lots of new RC products and provides event reports. He has also written articles for Model Aviation, Fly R/C, and Robot Magazine.

YouTube: The Hobby View Channel
Twitter: Hobby View
Facebook: Hobby View on FB

Lee Ray

Lee is a native Texan who grew up in a Alief, a small suburb west of Houston. His love of RC aviation began in the early 80's when his father, Carl, taught him to fly RC gliders. Once bitten by the RC bug, Lee has never stopped collecting and flying model planes. A few of the early models he and his father built continue to fly today. Lee is the designer of a popular scratchbuilt, foam model called the "Funder & Lightning". The large thread about this model can be found on RCGroups. Although most of the aircraft in his collection are electric, he still enjoys tossing a glider out in an open field to get back that feeling of "real flying". Hopefully, his two young boys will carry on this fun family tradition.'

Lee's personal website: Lee Ray Photography
Twitter: LeeFlea
YouTube: The Yarsmythe Channel

Terry Dunn

Terry likes to pretend that he knows what he's talking about. But he's usually just spewing gibberish to see if you're paying attention. For some reason, he likes to fly things that aren't supposed to fly...aeronautical abominations really. We tolerate such behavior because it makes him happy. Just don't ask him how any of his flying contraptions work. You'll be sorry!

Terry is the RC columnist at Tested.com where he writes about a wide variety of RC topics every week. He also writes articles about full-scale aviation and space travel. You may see articles from Terry in other publications such as Model Aviation, Ars Technica, and more.

Terry's personal website: Terry Dunn - Freelance Writer
Twitter: Weirdflight
YouTube: The Terry Dunn Channel
Facebook: Weirdflight on FB